Blue Water Ramblers
Saturday Night Stars Concert featuring The Blue Water Ramblers. Four delightful gentlemen singing of Michigan, America and all that's good about life. This is definitely a 'back by popular demand' show.
Zellie's Opry House February 2012
West Michigan's much beloved Blue Water Ramblers will headline the upcoming Grand River Folk Arts Society concert ...
Grand Rapids Press January, 2012
I have to say, I know I am partial, but I really enjoy running into you guys in the Fair when I am running around ...
Country Living Fair, Columbus Ohio September, 2011
Three of West Michigan's favorite folk sons - Banjo-Jim Foerch, California Dan Lynn and Bear Berends - return with another CD culled from live shows on Midwest tours in 2008 and 2009.
Grand Rapids Press, November 2010
Dear Ramblers - Oh boy, did we enjoy Saturday afternoon in Clarkston with you. Our daughter arrived there and was much, much impressed also. You guys have good times and share them, and everyone wins. Great songs and such talent in both singing and song writing.
Independence Township Library, May 2010
THE BLUE WATER RAMBLERS...yeah! folk masters...these guys invented folk music in Michigan
Carrick's Guitars for Kids Fundraiser, March 2010
The Community Education Committee would like to thank you for participating in the 21st Annual Traditional Arts Weekend. You are one of the reasons the weekend was such a success.
Wheatland Music Organization, July 2009
... Michigan-based folk and bluegrass for which the Blue Water Ramblers are famous.
Grand Rapids Press, July 2009
I'm so glad that the Blue Water Ramblers can help make our farm come alive through song and story.
Historic Wagner Farm, June 2009
Thank you for a wonderful evening last Saturday night! The crowd absolutely loved you guys -- we're "your people"! I'll admit that when I saw the set list I was already biased because I love so many of the songs that you had selected for your show. Dare I venture a guess that the audience loved them too! I saw so many folks singing along and enjoying your performance.
Zellie's Opry House, February, 2009
Thanks for all of your incredibly professional help last Saturday, you are the best !!! Glad we have you booked for next year, looking forward to it. It was a great day, great music, great people.
Manistique Folkfest, July, 2008
... The Blue Water Ramblers make our farm come alive through song and story ... your music really added a special element to the entire program.
Historic Wagner Farm, June, 2008
I heard wonderful things about your performance at our new trail opening - Thank you! It's always comforting to get those kind of reports back about bands that we love working with. Job well done!
Canton Leisure Services, June, 2008
There are few today who take so little and give so much. Your deep love for good music and the people is always evident in all that you do. You bring so much joy and good will with you where ever you travel. And travel you do: You can be found at extreme parts of the state in the same weekend. This can only be done out of love and not for money.
Farmhouse Music Organization, May, 2008
Your names come up ALL the time as you've been such great fun and the entire music community loves you guys.
Nor'Easter Fest, February, 2008
There are musicians and there are entertainers. On rare occasions there is the opportunity to find a group that does both well. Thanks for a very entertaining evening of music in South Haven.
The Foundry, February, 2008
I've never had as much fun as tonight!
Kentwood Community Church Harvest Square Dance, October, 2007
We love that you guys bring your infectiously fun music and spirits.
Bethabara, September, 2007
Your choice of music on-stage and your evident love of music off-stage picking add a special dimension to 'festing here in Michigan.
FarmFest, August, 2007
Your concert was the reason for the "Mustang ride." It was a GREAT ride and we both want to thank you for the cool idea. Hopefully, we'll see you again at another small town in the best state ever--MICHIGAN!
Dave and Jean, Mackinaw City, July 26, 2007
The Blue Water Ramblers - the hardest working band in Michigan.
CMU Broadcasting Mackinaw Straits Cruise, July 2007
Your performance had personality, that's what caught my eye.
Manistique Folk Festival, July 2007
The Blue Water Ramblers are delightful! Bear and Banjo Jim put on a wonderful show and entertained a crowd ranging from babies to grandparents. The Ramblers' rollicking folk tunes and well-crafted sound--along with their sense of humor--made it a show to remember!
Hannah Community Center, East Lansing, February 2007
You guys came to my school yesterday and you rocked! You should come to Charlotte more. Everybody here loved you.
Charlotte Junior High School, February 2007
We appreciate your willingness to "go the extra mile" in making TAW a wonderful experience for everyone. Your patience, humor and encouragement to beginners, not to mention musical abilities, is amazing. We ... get nothing but kudos for your workshops/dances.
Wheatland Music Organization, May 2006
It's not necessary for YOU to say thanks. WE are the ones that benefitted from you guys putting on the show. It's obvious from the seat count that people want to see YOU.
Grand River Folk Arts Society, December, 2005
Your main stage performance at Thumbfest was the best. Your contribution to the whole event was terrific and much appreciated, That "can do" attitude is a pleasure to work with.
Thumbfest, October, 2005
Thanks for a night of terrific music and dance. You've brought a richness to my life that I consider a gift.
Bethabara Benefit, September, 2005
It's my pleasure to know you folks and have the opportunity to share your talents with the Lakeview community!
Lakeview Community Concerts, September, 2005
You guys had the crowd in the palm of your hands! You sounded great and we really enjoyed your show.
Riverstock, August, 2005.
I was at Jam on the Grand yesterday and I just wanted to thank you for a delightful afternoon. The music and camaraderie beneath the jamming tent were so enjoyable I could have stayed for a week of afternoons!
Jam on the Grand, August, 2005.
You help to make each festival that we attend a total fun affair. Your love of music and a good time are infectious. My gal understands why I enjoy these festivals so much and helps to see that there are openings in my calendar for them.
Farmfest, August, 2005.
Just heard you at the Rochester Public Library. You know how some days aren't that good? This was one of them...but you guys made it not only better but great. Thanks.
Rochester Hills, March 2005.
Banjo-Jim calls lines, squares, rounds and reels while he leads the band with his banjo. How can he call and pick at the same time? Amazing and great, good fun for all the dancers!
Grand River Folk Arts Society, March 2005
'Thank you so much for performing at the Winter Social. Your performance was awesome and your lyrics hysterical!' 'Loved Banjo Jim's songs.'
Michigan Geocaching Organization, February 2005
Don't like folk music? The Blue Water Ramblers will change your mind! It did not take 18 selections for the Blue Water Ramblers to win an enthusiastic audience over at the Montague Band Shell concert.
White Lake Beacon, August 2004
At our first ever traditional music festival we experienced continuous entertainment ... by ...the nationally renowned Blue Water Ramblers.
Wellington Farm Park, August 2004
The CD is awesome and you guys were great at the Festival!
Kirtland's Warbler Festival, May 2004
The Blue Water Ramblers are not just musicians: They are entertainers!
Port Austin Arts Council, August 2003
Jam on the Grand and Riverstock Folk Festival will cure what ails you.
Grand Rapids Press, August 2003
The finest of Michigan and American folk traditions to engage young and old alike.
City of Auburn Hills, July 2003
Dear Banjo-Jim and Bear, Just a note to let you guys know how much you endeared yourselves to us. Thanks for all your hard work.
Nor'East'r Folk Festival, June 2003
The Ramblers' membership consists of some of the finest and most dedicated players in the area, Banjo-Jim Foerch and Bear Berends. They are well known for their enthusiastic work for the past thirty years.
On the Town, May 2003
We would love to have you again for our harvest dinner. You were a huge hit at the last and requested by all to return again.
St. Clair County Master Gardener Association, February 2003