Blue Water Ramblers
2020 Tour
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Saturday, January 111 PM - Closing timeTop
Winter Wheat means you don't have to wait until May for a dose of Heaven on Earth, Wheatland! Join the Blue Water Ramblers and a host of other great groups at The Intersection, 133 Grandville SW in Grand Rapids. We will open the day with a jam session from 1:30 - 2:45 so bring your ax. Then there will be musical performances on two stages and dancing.
      Banjo-Jim, Bear, Marten and California Dan
Saturday, January 187 - 10:30 PMTop
Wheatdance: Banjo-Jim will be calling the squares and reels with the Blue Water Ramblers laying down a tuneful, solid beat. Wear your dancing shoes and trip the light fantastic with us at Wheatland in the Gladys Wernette Building. We'll make it a perfect autumn night!
      Banjo-Jim, Bear, California Dan, and Dr. Tom
Saturday, February 157 - 9 PMTop
The Blue Water Ramblers present all our songs of life present and past at Foundry Hall, Box office: 800.838.3006. Foundry Hall music series is named for a century old building in the heart of downtown that was extensively renovated in 2000-2001 from a former piston factory into a music hall and theatre. Check their website for the current location. At the Foundry Hall, interaction through the arts and shared experiences is the key to a happy, healthy, and vibrant South Haven.
      Bear, California Dan and Banjo-Jim
Saturday, March 77 - 9 PMTop
We play LowellArts, in Banjo-Jim's home town March 7 at 7PM. LowellArts. Location 223 W Main Street, PO Box 53, Lowell, MI 49331. Telephone 616-897-8545
      Bear, California Dan, and Banjo-Jim
Saturday, March 1411 AM - 1 PMTop
We love the children and will be leading all our children's activities at Wheatscouts in the Gladys Wernette Building at Wheatland starting at 11 AM on Saturday, March 14. Bring your children and your own inner child for some riotous fun.
      Bear, California Dan and Banjo-Jim
Wednesday, July 87 - 9 PMTop
We're coming back to Roscommon for a concert in the park.
      Bear, California Dan, and Banjo-Jim
Friday, July 177 - 9 PMTop
The Blue Water Ramblers will play for the Les Cheneaux Historical Society amongst the 36 beautiful islands. Listen to our musical tales of life in Michigan past and present while you view the vintage wooden boats in the museum.
      Bear, California Dan and Banjo-Jim
Friday, December 118 - 10 PMTop
Ann Arbor's Crazy Wisdom Tea Room is the place to hear traditional home-grown folk music. The Blue Water Ramblers will present our show there on Dec. 7.
      Bear, Deacon Marten and Banjo-Jim